Metto Mararen officially launched his bid for UG senatorial seat.

Senator Metto yesterday launched his bid for Uasin gishu county senatorial seat.

At a meeting attended by thousands of supporters from all over the county, Mararen who appeared to be composed and collected assured his supporters victory.

Of late, Metto who was at first thought to be ordinary have risen to be preferebly the most competent aspirant.

There is no other senatorial aspirant who have managed to conduct great ground work and online campaign like senator Metto.

During his official campaign launch, his supporters who demonstrated their belief that they have already won applauded senator Metto when he rose to address them in great jubilation.

Uasin gishu senatorial politics took a new turn the moment Metto took the race to another level.

Judging from the rate at which Metto is becoming madly determined to win, it is almost clear that this seat belongs to him.

Prof Kamar who was thought by many to win have been reduced to nothing, the young believe that this is the era for the youths to lead and the old wonders what she will be able to do that she never did all that time that she was in government.

Being the only competent lawyer in the race have given him an added advantage, his oratory talent reminds many of Nandi senator stephen Sang and this add to his bonga points.

Mararen have come from humble begginings to a great finishing.

His finishing has been made greatly fantastic both by his hardwork on the ground and the political waves.

Moving forward, the politics of Uasin gishu is taking a new turn as the electorates demand that the new offices should be filled with scandle free aspirants.

The only thing that I wish as of now is to see Metto in government, I think with Oscar Sudi of Kapseret, Jackson Mandago the governor, plus the new force, Uasin gishu will become the hub of rift valley politics.

Siasa ya turbo would like to call upon our supporters and readers to enjoy this politics to the fullest and to be champions of peace by avoiding to turnish other aspirants names. 

Pauline Chebet Bitok is the only W/R aspirant from turbo.

Pauline Chebet Bitok is the only aspirant vying for the seat of W/R from turbo constituency.

Pauline is a very humble, God fearing and determined lady, despite her simplicity, she is known by many as a very eloquent and focused lady who is sure to get what she set her mind to.

Her well known toughness may explain the reason why all the other aspirants could not dare challenge her from this side of the county.

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Many people in turbo and those who have got the chance to see her manage the podium agree that she is the only one to fight with Sholei and Peris simam who both have great scandals hindering them.

With the all of turbo behind her back and venturing into the all of Uasingishu with great determination, it is almost sure that she is going for a win.

A leader is known by how much she is loved in their own home area.

With her eloquence and admirable determination, Pauline have continue to win atleast 3/4 of all the attenties of her meetings.

At the rate at which she is rising, adressing four gatherings a day, she is sure to win the UG W/R post.

She is new to politics and her name is clean, this gives her a millage against her competitors.

The kalenjins who are the majority voters in Uasingishu value maturity and stability of family which Pauline has it all.

Listening to Pauline speach one wonders where such great talent of leadership was all that time.

The only scandal that Pauline has according to some Wazee at one of Paulines’ gatherings is that she hidden the talent for a long time.

Siasa ya turbo team would like to call upon the readers and supporters of this blog to maintain peace during and after this election and to elect leaders who are able.

Turbo is for Mandago!

Buzeki is coming with nothing from turbo.

Turbo constituency is for mandago.
Someone should let Buzeki know that…

Even the few people who were to vote for Dr serem have diverged their attention to Mandago.

Even a miracle may not save Buzeki from failing.

There is nothing that will bring down mandago.

He won the last election with just a photo demonstrating his support for agriculture.

It is not a miracle that he is winning this without even struggling.

Buzeki is known to be an expert sales and maketing master, nevertherless, even her well crafted posters could not save him.

The bilionaire is a well know   tygoon. Despite his popularity, he is failing terrebly.

Detailed research reveals that the name mandago is a branding by itself.

The surest way of winning votes.

I started this blog with the aim of discussing anything political.

In the early days of my life, I had a feeling that I should live my life to the fullest.

That was only possible if I was to engage myself in everything, from religion to politics, from business to education.

To be active in politics, I had to start this blog.

 Naturally, I found myself being more inclined to advices that help aspirants and their campaigners to be effective.

I choose to go with that which come naturally.

Today, I want to discuss with you the surest way to win votes.

Yes! I know your needs, you want to go with what works and abandone what is not working.

You do not want to waste your time doing what is proven to be inefective  instead, you want to taste your take in what is tasted and qualified.

This strategy is simple, but just because it is simple does not make it null.

Everyone can come up with perfect manifesto, but only winners can attract people to be part of that manifesto.

Imagine presidential aspirant calling you and asking you for your support in the next election!
Just emergine him conducting you reqularly for your feedback.

That can be encouraging, right?

It can even make you vote for him even if he was not that favourite to you.

That is it, direct conducts can do wonders.

Yeah, it can do wonders, it can change a supposed eternal enemy to a real eternal friend.

Re-visit your strategy, reduce your campaign head ache.

If you are willing to invest your money in politics, then you must also be willing to learn how to do politics that win.

You like my advice? contact us.

Why whatsapp campaign may be a waste of time.

​Online campaign may not be the best option for you.

whatsapp campaign in most cases in nothing but endless songs.

Imergine you are in a whatsapp group of 150 members.

Of all those members, 15 are the aspirants.

Let us asume that every aspirant in the group has 10  supporters who are die hearts.

By the word die heart, I mean supporters who will never change their stand.

In a group like this, there is endless songs of aspirants and sharp discussions that will never change any one.

It is a total waste of time to spend your precious time as an aspirant or a campaingner in such groups.

I do not mean that you abandone online campaign totally, but you should know how to play your cards to your advantage.

Start your own whatsapp group and add your campaign commitee members, let that group be the cordination group, a group that is composed of your planners and your action team.

Start other whatsapp groups as many as you can and add members.

It is easy to change a stranger to be your supporter in your own whatsapp group than in a forum.

You can do this by just knocking at their inbox and inviting them to your whatsapp group.

Fish your votes using this strategy and you will not regreat. Why? because it works.

Elect connection

The people who are supposed to lead turbo are the people who are well connected.

Connection is the key!

Vote people who are very sharp in creating connections.

Connections will bring investors, and you know investors means jop opportunities.

Let us not make a wrong move!

It is not a matter of age or family background. It is a matter of personality.

People are different, there are individuals who are original, people who are mad, people who will make millions of friends in a day.

You know this people from just a single glance, just the first look.

There are people who are zumbukuku  guys  who are good for nothing!

We want people who will develop good relationships.

Good inter-relationships with other constituencies.

 Stable relationship with county goverments.

 Perfect relationship with the national government.

 Acceptable relationship with outside countries.

 And most importantly!

We need a person who can maintain good relationship with other local leaders within the constituency,  mca’s are a perfect example.

Know your leader, know where your vote will go, we trust that you will thrust to the right box.

The right box is the box containing the image of the said characteristics.

My question to Buzeki!

Mr Buzeki!

You have come to Turbo with Turbo, personaly, I have head your idears.

I am a person who like to read between the lines.

No need to judge a book by it’s cover, read it as well.

So we have judge your cover, you come with a branding of a charming leader.

That is your cover! good one.
But what about your personality? very terrible!

We know you are a billionaire, if you are that rich, then it is obvious that you have not been attracted to this possition by the governour’s salary.
I am left with one question! 

Why is it that all your manifesto revolve around Milk?

You want to set up  coolers, school children will be supplied with milk, you will supply AI to all the people.

Make this clear, let us know if you are not planning to take your bussiness to the next level. your Buzeki combany is already established.

 It is possible that all the supply tenders will go to this combany.
For your information, the journey is still far, you still have to convince us that you are so good that you can abandon your combany and offer the tenders to the ordinary men of UG.

So you will supply milk to all school going kids in UG?

That sounds good, but wait. How can we trust that you are not maketing your milk?

A simple second thought confirms that those milk will come from your combany.

Buzeki, I see, you are very sharp and clever, but I am suspecting that you are trying to benefit your business not the humble people of UG.

My concience will not be missleading me when it tells me that you have come to this political arena for your own self interests.

Untill you give us a genuine reasons, we will still believe that you have come to mislead us.

What is political dwarfism?

Political dwarfism is political immaturity.

It is a state of the mind that is called madness.

In simple terms, madeness is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

If you keep on voting with the same mentality day in day out, then you are mad.

Trial and error is allowed, learning from mistakes is the best teacher.

Yeah! experience is and will remain the best teacher.

Gone are the days that we used to vote in gender, I like you because you are past that stupidity.

The other time you vote in young men, they failed, you tried old men, they failed. The next thing is to vote personality.

This one will not fail, why? because it has been tried and qualified.

The mojar reason why I want us to go with personality is because it works.

Everybody is a thief, but in different capabilities. 

Power is tempting, even you when elected today, you will remmember your relatives first, next, you will upgrade to your neighbours then the larger society.

Okay, we have no problem with that, our main problem is that their are personalities who will overdo it.

There are people who are hipocrites, people who are “kipsopchegei” ongen akwek kipsopchigei bichu?

The only way to identify this useless men is to listen keenly.

Listen to what the neighbours of this people say, if they say no! then let it be no.

The people who have lived with a person for centuries know them in and out.

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